Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Events of The Day

Some people may take offence at my saying that we are at war with Islam but in this case I feel that those who see something must speak forth the truth. And the truth is that Islam has attacked us. We did not attack them although I think that if we had been wise (rather than being ruled by bigots) at the end of World War two we would have said to the Jewish people that while we supported the concept of a Jewish homeland such an event occurring would cause no end to trouble and therefore we invite you to come here and live. Spend your money send your children to school become doctors, lawyers, bankers, soldiers, or astronauts. Practice your religion the way you want to practice it, we don’t mind as long as you don’t cause chaos in your neighborhood.

Islam will not stand for the Jews to be in their midst (and although this would not stop their wars on those who do not follow their teachings it would remove one of their favorite excuses for those actions) and so long as the Jews remain they will claim whether justly or unjustly that they are being attacked and persecuted. A true reading of history however tells a far different story: The followers of Islam have since the founding of their religion carried out wars of aggression against their neighbors.

© Vic Jones


Lorelei said...

It all comes down to religious differnces.

Strangely enough the Native Americans never warred with one another--tribe-to-tribe because of their differences of religion. It was for the sake of hunting, women, and so forth they warred.

Whites came here and pushed them off their land because they were basically in the way. When they couldn't irradicate them, they forced them to cut their hair and go to church.

So much for religion. It's never right to be biggoted enough to not realize you are.

The Wordwright said...

Lorelei, I agree and recommend that you check out David Kupelian's books, How Evil Works; and The Marketing of Evil.

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