Sunday, February 22, 2015


I've often said that I would like to write every day. And further I've stated that I don't consider writing to be too much of a chore. That is the actual act of writing is not terribly difficult if I've got access to a computer, and therefore a word processor. At that point the difficulty becomes, what shall I write? And to be altogether honest it is not as if the budding author really lacks for subject matter. Rather he or she is always wondering if what has caught his eyes will appeal to the general public or if he can attract an audience to his view point.

Today I thought that I'd pause to make some observations about life. Lately I've been homeless for one reason and another. While I've been homeless it has been my privilege to be able to access at least some of the services of the local rescue mission.

While taking my meals there I've had a chance to meet some of the people who also eat there, and to observe their behavior. Some people are like myself, very appreciative of what we are given and respectful of the place and its intentions (and I might say results) and others are not, they seem to feel that the few rules that the mission imposes are a hardship beyond bearing.

However I shall for a while put aside such people and concentrate on one old man. This man's name is George. From interacting with George I've come to suspect that he is suffering from a mild case of Alzheimer’s disease. Certainly every day he sees me and asks my name.

The one amazing thing about George, though is watching everyone else who eats at the mission deal with him. I've never seen anyone treat George in a disrespectful manner. I might add that if I ever do see anyone treat George in a disrespectful manner I will probably no longer be able to eat at the mission. Part of the reason for that is that the mission, like a lot of other organizations I've seen has forgotten that there is a difference between fighting and evil. Indeed I might venture to say that if we fail to fight evil wherever we see it then we yield to evil and assure that it is able to advance its rule over the world. Indeed to fail to fight evil is in and of itself more than an expression of cowardice, it is in fact enabling evil in its intention to eliminate good.

But a discussion of good and evil is only a side line to what I wanted to say about George. You see if we believed Barack Obama we would expect to see George disrespected, if not for the fact of his illness, then for the fact that he is among the few men with a dark skin among a large group of men with light skin. But fortunately, unless Barack Obama gets his way, the world will not work the way he believes it does. For in reality most people will not disrespect the aged, not even if they are of a different 'race'.

But if Barack Obama continues to spew his line of hatred for those who do not look like him then the world, not just the USA may plunge into a time when 'racism' is rampant. When men with black skins kill men with white skins for no other reason than that they look different. I hope my fear is unfounded, but little that I've seen in the past few years gives me reason to hope. For at every turn Barack Obama has insisted that any opposition to his policies amounts to racism on the part of his opponent. Indeed he is unable to grant his opposition any intention of good, rather reserving good intentions for himself regardless of the actual results his policies produce.

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