Thursday, September 23, 2010

Don't Wait up for Me

Don’t Wait up for Me

Oh I’ve gone out to play,

With all the people I call friends,

So no, don’t wait up for me,

I won’t be home tonight,

And maybe even not tomorrow,

’Cause I’ve gone out to play,

In the dark,

Oh no what has happened to me?

Who has captured me?

’Tis that foul monster addiction,

Honey, will you let me in,

Oh no, move over you,


A corpse is found….

© 2010 Vic Jones

Sunday, September 19, 2010



So you expect fluff,

Or words rhyming,

Like bells chiming,

When someone says poetry,

But it isn’t always that way,

For poetry is a mirror,

Upon our soul,

A reflection of both beauty,

And the awe inspiring,

But even that,

Is a poor description of poetry,

Which is the vain attempt,

To capture the flame,

Of passion,

And reduce it to words!

© 2010 Vic Jones

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Courage is

Courage is facing your fears,

No matter what they are,

Courage is not just on the battlefield of war,

Though that is surly one of its most prominent places of display,

Courage is the child who faces the dark,

And the woman who leaves an abusive relationship,

(Or the man who leaves an abusive relationship),

Courage is the quiet man who sees evil and does what he can to overcome it,

Courage is knowing you have to change,

And knowing that change hurts,

But choosing to change because it makes you a better person,

Because the whole world is better when one person is better,

Courage is denying the crabs who say it is impossible,

And learning what is possible.

© 2010 Vic Jones

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Truth and Hatred

Truth and Hatred

The truth I suspect inspires hatred in many people because it is too accurate in its revelation of their flaws. What shall we do when faced with our own flaws but hate that which reveals them? I hope every day, indeed work every day to change what I see as my flaws… But that doesn’t mean I like the people who show them to me!

© 2010 Vic Jones

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Bird

The Bird

I watched a crow fly,

It was a beautiful sight,

As it soared,

So free,

I would not have known,

That it was a crow,

But I saw it land,

And so I ask,

Is it not true,

That some things are more beautiful from a distance?

© 2010 Vic Jones

Monday, September 13, 2010

Writer's Block

Writer’s Block

Words like mountains,


Refuse to flow,

Onto the page,

Or in my mind,

So I sit,

And think,

Wondering where yon muse has gone,

And hoping she will return soon!

© 2010 Vic Jones

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Since it is September 11th, 2010 I would like to ask if there as many people as I think there are who are insulted that there is a 7 story deep hole where the world trade center towers used to be? Then next I'd like to know why St Steven's Greek Orthodox Church is having trouble getting rebuilt but some agent  provocateur can get plans for a mosque in the same area rushed through city hall?

This may be all I write today

(c) 2010 Vic Jones

Friday, September 10, 2010

Solitary Dreams

Solitary Dreams

When alone,

With my imagination,

It is possible to be,

Anything I want to be,

To be with anyone I want to be with,

And then I think,

How can I be good?

And I remember,

That I have to concentrate on being good,

Or more than likely,

I will be bad!

© 2010 Vic Jones

Thursday, September 09, 2010



Oh you say,

I’ll do it tomorrow,

Why do you think,

That you will have tomorrow,

Don’t you know,

That tomorrow never comes,

You only have today,

If you have something,

That should be done,

Don’t wait,

Do it as soon as you are able,

’Cause you never know,

When you’ll stop having today!

© 2010 Vic Jones

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Dark Dreams

Dark Dreams

Your skin like ebony silk,

Your lips like dark cherries so sweet,

Your hair like the finest wool in the world,

Your breasts so fine and firm,

Tipped with nipples like black plums,

Your kiss is fire,

Upon my lips,

Stirring my blood to magma,

Oh how I want to see you again!

© 2010 Vic Jones

Monday, September 06, 2010



’Tis easy to sea,

English does confuse,

Simply wright a word,

Or is it right a word?

Or rite a word?

Write there are four words,

All sound the same,

But used incorrectly,

Confusion results.

Now let’s see,

Wright is a given name,

And of old described a profession that today we name mechanic,

But still in use today,

Do you know a millwright?

And right is a direction or used to express correctness,

Write? Well that’s what we do with a pen or more often of late a computer,

Rite is what we practice in religion,

Especially when we don’t really believe,

Or getting a drivers license is an American rite of passage.

Ah there are more that I could tell,

Words that confuse and confound,

If I did no other work would I do!

© 2010 Vic Jones

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Being alone

Being alone

Being alone is a choice,

I have made

            this I know,

If I don’t want to be alone,

             I have a different choice to make

To change

            to be different,

           ’Tis not enough to want to be different,

I have to take action

To take a chance,

to be hurt

       Or to hurt someone

                  Oh how frightening!

’Tis not my wish to harm,

             Nor to be harmed


       Relationships carry that risk

That’s the way life works,

          I have to accept that

                    And choose to take the risk

To not be alone anymore!

© 2009 Vic Jones

Friday, September 03, 2010


Addiction is like a monster,

I’ve invited to dine,

It consumes a bit of me,

Yet brings exquisite pleasure,

To offset the pain,

Oh willingly have I fed myself to this monster,

Trading moments of pleasure for hours of pain,

When will I stop?

When I DIE?

I hope not,

I want to stop but that is pain too,

With no promise of pleasure before,

Still I shall find a bit of courage now,

And face the pain for one moment longer because,

I don’t want to feed the monster any more,

After all it is eating me!

© 2010 Vic Jones

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Changing the World

Changing the World

So you want to make the world better,

Have you looked at your life,

Have you started to tell the truth,

Have you helped your neighbor,

Have you done service,

Will you do something,

Will you stop complaining,

Will you stand for the weak,

Will you stand against the wicked,

Will you accept criticism for doing good,

Are you ready to get up,

To invest your treasure,

To make the world better,

Even when it is not appreciated.

© 2010 Vic Jones

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking

If you believe it you will do it,

Yes it is true,

If you believe you deserve it,

You will be more likely to get it,

Are you in pain?

Do you think that disbelieving your pain will change it?

Somehow I don’t have that much faith,

Yes I know that action follows belief,

So be careful what you believe,

Lest you believe a lie,

And end up doing evil,

While intending to do good!

© 2010 Vic Jones

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