Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The invisible holocaust

Some people today all over the world claim to worship the earth. These people have as a sacrament of their worship, the sacrifice of infants. The infants they started with were the invisible ones. The ones that had not yet been born. Now they are reaching for children who have been born. See this column: for more information.  This (abortion) has been advanced as choice or as medical care for women. What is rarely pointed out is that even under the circumstances of a well controlled and well sterilized operating room an abortion (the murder of an innocent) is dangerous to a woman.
What also is not spoken very often is that most abortion clinics (abattoirs for the unborn or temples to a false God of death) are far from a well controlled and well sterilized operating room. In fact except for the fact that they have been declared to be legal they are still almost as bad (if not worse in some cases) as the back alley abortion doctors they were supposed to replace. They replaced them but rather than making abortion safe it just made it more prevalent.

I’m certain that this piece will make some people angry. This includes some deluded women who have bought the lie of sexual freedom. Freedom rarely indicates the ability to do whatever you want especially without consequences. This is because if society does not enforce consequences then nature surely will. Indeed the only thing that women being unwise about the use of their genitals has done is increase is the childishness of men as the men have been able to get that which most men want most without that which men fear most.

What I mean by that last statement is that most men will do most anything for sexual contact with a woman. Most men when they are honest fear commitment to one woman the most. This is because commitment to one woman prevents them from plowing the field next door so to speak. Now we all know that there will be some who will violate their commitment for whatever reason. This does not invalidate the idea that we should hold up the ideal of the kept commitment as best. Indeed the fact of violated commitment proves the necessity of consistently pointing to what we should be doing rather than saying, ‘well no one can possibly do that,’ we should say, ‘yes we have failed to do that, now it is time to get busy and try for the ideal again.’ This is because if we strive to be better people rather than settling for failure and accepting that we will never reach the ideal we become closer to the ideal. While accepting failure, especially saying that because we cannot reach perfection we should not try leads to worse and worse conditions for everyone.

© 2012 Vic Jones

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