Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lesson 39 from The Hard Knocks School of Life

Emotion rules reason. This is why tyrants appeal to people’s emotion. Lust lures people to death, fear drives them into the cages, and anger can turn them into an unthinking mass willing to commit any atrocity.
This is one of the statements that leads me to believe that less is more. I honestly don’t know what I could add to this statement to intensify it or convince anyone who is unwilling to accept its bold simplicity.

Altogether too often there is living proof that emotion has ruled reason when a riot breaks out or when a group of people decide to attack someone they see as threatening. Yet we do not teach our children to use reason rather than emotion. I wonder why?

© 2011 Vic Jones

Monday, April 18, 2011

6000000 tax payers?

P. Obama has defined rich as making more than 250,000 dollars. So with that in mind I did a little research and found that about 2% of people filing income tax paperwork made over this amount. Therefore if (and trust me this is not true) every person filed an income tax return the number of persons making more than 250,000 dollars in the USA would be around 6,000,000 (this assumes 300,000,000 population). But a great number of people file jointly (I didn’t look up this statistic) and a certain number of people are exempt from filing as well as a certain number who will not file for other reasons.
Therefore we must ask a serious question: what sort of person would in essence destroy (because the end result of taxation is destruction) a resource like people who are ambitious enough to make an income that is higher than others?

Some have suggested that P. Obama is incompetent. I think this is untrue, he has said he will fundamentally transform the USA. All of his activities seem to be trending in that direction with no fumbles at all. So no I do not think he is incompetent. Anything he does that is destructive to the USA is deliberate.

© 2011 Vic Jones

Lesson 38 from The Hard Knocks School of Life

No tool is good or evil. Things are morally neutral, the uses they are put to may be good or evil but the uses do not define the tools.
It may be difficult for some people to understand that things are morally neutral although I cannot understand why anyone would find this concept difficult. After all things (except animals [and I’ll discuss that in another place]) are only moved by people. People are aware of what is (or should be aware) evil. That is the deliberate destruction of other people.

© 2011 Vic Jones

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Go Fly a Kite

Take some time,
To enjoy your life,
Do somethin’,
Just ’cause it’s fun,
Sure you can’t live for fun,
But to try to eliminate it is just as bad,
Balance is the key,
To a life that is well lived,
Have some fun,
Work hard,
Love your family,
And work to love your neighbor,
For this can bring peace to the world,
Don’t expect your neighbor to love you,
For all you may do,
He may remain your enemy,
Still love is what Jesus calls us to.

© 2011 Vic Jones

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