Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In the Morning

In the Morning

When the day is cool,

And the Lord paints the sky,

With a wondrous beauty,

When the birds break out in song,

Declaring their ownership of one corner or another,

And making a wonderful song,

As if the Lord were saying.

Remember Me!

© 2010 Vic Jones

Monday, August 30, 2010

Making Love

Making Love

Soft sweet caress,

Slow deep kiss,

Sure those are part of it,

How about an hour of getting acquainted,

Learning to listen to one another,


Paying attention,

Or time spent,

Just holding hands,

A long walk through,

The beauty of a park,

Or playing a game,

Not to win,

But because it is fun,

Is there less to that,

Than to the heat of desire?

© 2010 Vic Jones

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Owed To Quicken ®

Owed To Quicken ®

Oh I now know,

Thanks to Quicken ®,

What I owe!

That I must find more work,

Or work that pays more money,

Or a starving artist I'll be!

© 2010 Vic Jones

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Children of Men and Eagles

The Children of Men and Eagles

Oh the children of eagles must fly,

But what about the children of men?

Sons of Adam,

And daughters of Eve?

What must they do?

Must they leave hearth and home?

Go out on their own?

Into the world so harsh,

Indeed they must,

As surely as eagles must fly,

So must our children leave our hearths and homes.

And face the world,

Its dangers and snares,

Pray you’ve trained them well,

Those sons and daughters,

Whom you send forth,

Because will you or nil you,

They will go!

© 2010 Vic Jones

Friday, August 27, 2010



Take a step,

Write a line,

Tell a story,

Take a journey,

Make a change,

Become something new,

Be a better person,

Don’t depend on rules,

But live out love,

That transforms the world.

© 2010 Vic Jones

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Beautiful Day

A Beautiful Day

The sun shines on my head,

The grass is green,

The sky is blue,

We all know this,

And take it for granted,

That our neighbor can see it,

That he can walk,

And that he doesn’t have a problem,

That we can help with,

All because we take what we see,

And what we hear for granted.

© 2010 Vic Jones

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


One of the great calumnies that is perpetrated by Marxists and socialists against the USA is that the experience of the negro in America (USA) is unique. This is untrue. Racism is endemic to humanity (this does not make any instance of it right) and therefore no race has a unique experience with racism.
However one of the ideas that has been put forward as an amelioration of the past injustice done to black people in the United States of America is reparations. Or in smaller doses racial quotas. It was reported the other day that Louis Farakahn said, ‘that only when Black men had the same amount of stuff as white men would justice have been met.’ Perhaps Michael Jackson will then donate some of his stuff to me?

Oh I forgot that in the vernacular of the American Negro having a white skin makes you an oppressor!

© 2010 Vic Jones

Keep looking up

Keep looking up

It is my obligation,

To warn you,

When you are in danger,

If that offends you,

That is not my problem,

I still must warn you,

Jesus has called us all,

But if you will not accept him,

You will go to hell,

You have been warned!

© 2010 Vic Jones

Tuesday, August 24, 2010



That is what I feel like doing,

Just sitting down and crying,

I don’t know why,

Or even if it would help me,

Since I don’t know why,

I feel this way today.

© 2010 Vic Jones

Monday, August 23, 2010



So many people forget,

To smile when they see one another,

Will you join them?

Or will you break the mold,

And smile at the people you meet,

Helping to add friendship,

And beauty to the world,

By giving the world a smile.

© 2010 Vic Jones

Sunday, August 22, 2010



Living in cotton wool…

That is how I feel lately,

As if nothing makes me feel anything,

Except when my body is in pain,

But I feel so disconnected from the world,

That sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever connect again.

Sure I chose to be alone,

But still there are days,

When I miss having someone to talk to,

To share my discoveries, and to laugh, and cry with….

© 2010 Vic Jones

Saturday, August 21, 2010



Ex nihilo nihil fit : from nothing nothing is produced,

Making things takes effort,

And raw material,

And perhaps most of all,

It requires understanding,

That as each man goes his way,

He must keep most of what he produces,

Lest he stop producing,

Since he has nothing left,

After the tax man has visited like a hoard of locusts!

© 2010 Vic Jones

Friday, August 20, 2010

Making the Connection

Making the Connection

Shall I touch you?

Shall I let you touch me?

Is one touch enough,

Or will we become lovers,

Should we become lovers?

Tenderly caressing,



Or will we end in ashes,

Grieving what has gone by?

© 2010 Vic Jones

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hope for Today

Hope for Today

How shall I hope?

I can only hope,

If I believe the future will be better,

Still shall I give in to despair?

I shall not,

I shall emulate the tortoise,

Perhaps I shall not win my race,

But I shall hope,

For I have not given up!

© 2010 Vic Jones

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Muse Visits

A Muse Visits

Erato’s come to visit,

That naughty wench,

I guess she was feeling ignored,

But now she’s here for a visit,

How long she’ll stay,

I’ve no idea,

But I always enjoy her visits,

I hope you do too!

© 2010 Vic Jones

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Erotica for Idiots

Erotica for Idiots

I sit in the howling darkness,

Writing erotica for idiots,

Wondering what became of my dreams,

Did they die an unheard and unheralded death,

While I wandered this wilderness,

Of barren bones,

Or are they here somewhere,

Just hiding behind the erotica?

© 2010 Vic Jones

Monday, August 16, 2010

The End

The End

Red roses run along the top of the fence,

Dripping petals like blood,

           A lonely old farm house stands,

                        Hidden by the trees,

Planted there to shelter it,

         No children run,

                  No dogs play,

The pasture is empty,

        A bulldozer sits there,

                A yellow menace,

Tomorrow progress happens.

© 2010 Vic Jones

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I love You

I love You

How do you use words,

To express such a thing as love,

For no matter what I say,





Seems to me,

To be inadequate,

To express,

How I feel,

You are my world!

© 2010 Vic Jones

Saturday, August 14, 2010



The ink is black,

And the page is white,

Or so it was once upon a time,

At least for the most part,

After all,

Black is the easiest color of ink to make,

The page might be pale yellow,

For that is easier to obtain than true white,

But pale enough all along,

For a stark contrast,

And contrast is necessary,

In many things,

Lest we not be able to understand,

Or see what is there to see,

Or miss some grave danger,

Like a tiger hidden in the shadows,

So when someone says,

Be quiet,

Don't say that you see,

A contrast between people,

I say,

How can I not say what is obvious,

That some people lie more than others,

And some cheat,

All are prone to evil,

And all are capable of much good,

But we must always watch one another,

For among men, tigers are not the problem,

But men who prey on one another.

© 2010 Vic Jones

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Who is a Racist

A great many people, whenever they hear P. Obama criticized jump to the conclusion that the criticism is based on the fact that he is black. I had great hopes for the man before I learned that he went to the church pastored by J. Wright. That was enough for me to realize that he would be a black racist. I must say that I dislike people who tattoo themselves with swastikas; I think we ought to hang them from the nearest lamp post. And the same goes with anyone who tattoos a black panther or ace of spades on himself. That means they have engaged in dangerous group think. And if they went so far as to tattoo themselves there is little chance that they will look up and see anyone who does not look the same as them as human.
I happen to have a review of Saul Alynsky’s book and find it telling that he dedicated it to Satan. Now you can say what you want about P. Obama but in his books he says that Saul Alynsky is one of the people he admires most. With those facts in mind I also point out that a real leader (which I am not) doesn’t mention himself in every line he speaks.

© 2010 Vic Jones

Saturday, August 07, 2010


People need three things in order to live or perhaps four, these are the basic survival level needs you have heard them stated various ways but they boil down to food, water, shelter and security. It is the final need for security that all tyrants prey upon. Because people will accept almost any condition to avoid chaos which is the opposite of security. This is the reason that some people (including myself) suspect that at heart P. Obama is a tyrant. It seems that every time things start to settle down he stirs up a new sort of chaos. And it can be seen from history that other tyrants used the stirring of chaos to distract the populace from the creeping strangulation of tyranny.

© 2010 Vic Jones

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Bad Dreams

Bad Dreams

Sometimes as we grow up,

We have to watch our dreams die,

And we mourn them,

As our children,

For when dreams die,

The whole world is a bit poorer,

But then…

Some dreams,

Were never meant to live,


Some dreams would kill us,

Should they ever come true…..

© 2010 Vic Jones

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Please follow the link

If you read the piece I posted before this one I want to point you to an article that is far more articulate than I have yet learned to be on this subject.


I hope you will read and contemplate this.


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