Monday, September 06, 2010



’Tis easy to sea,

English does confuse,

Simply wright a word,

Or is it right a word?

Or rite a word?

Write there are four words,

All sound the same,

But used incorrectly,

Confusion results.

Now let’s see,

Wright is a given name,

And of old described a profession that today we name mechanic,

But still in use today,

Do you know a millwright?

And right is a direction or used to express correctness,

Write? Well that’s what we do with a pen or more often of late a computer,

Rite is what we practice in religion,

Especially when we don’t really believe,

Or getting a drivers license is an American rite of passage.

Ah there are more that I could tell,

Words that confuse and confound,

If I did no other work would I do!

© 2010 Vic Jones

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