Saturday, March 04, 2006

Most everything that I write at this site is essentially extemporaneous. Thus I ask you who read it to indulge me with a little bit of patience. Soon I hope to do a bit of more planned writing… really if I’d just sit down with a pen and paper I’d be better off than I am currently.

What I am posting here is off the cuff poetry and short thoughts without any thing attach them to, Just whatever happens to be at the top of my mind at the moment.

Another for instance is the time crunch I get in when I am on the computers at the library… but I thank God every day that I have at least that limited access.

May God bless you,
Keep you and guide you,
Through life and its troubles,
May you learn to recognize His hand,
As He works in your life.

Well God is so good to those of us who believe (and to those who don’t) after all they are not in hell yet and have the chance to access his grace…

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