Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Thoughts about God

Everyone (almost) believes in God or a god. Even people who claim not to believe in God seem to have to find something to worship something to believe in. It has been said (though I don't know by whom) that it is impossible to belive in nothing. It is more likly that if you attempt to believe in nothing that you will end up being captured by some evil person who says that he is teaching you to do the moral thing.

It is said by some that God is love. While this is true even the most lax parent would not leave his children in the face of disaster... or where they could be harmed by someone evil.

Nor does God leave us alone to face this world, He gave us the Bible, which is an instruction book on how to live.

random thoughts

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Here is a short rhyme,
I hope you take the time,
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What can I say? At least it rhymes and almost has meter...

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