Saturday, May 06, 2006

Bad habits

I spoke (wrote [is there a difference when you do this?]) before about being addicted and that is true... But the bad habit I'm thinking of now is the way in which I put off writing, that is some times when I sit down at the computer and have nothing on my mind to write I end up bringing up the games and once I start on one even as simple as solitary I am basically captivated by it and will spend several hours playing if I am not interrupted. Of course part of that sort of getting lost in an activity is what makes it possible to be addicted...

Well that is enough on that subject. I must say that even with getting so badly side tracked and in spite of now actually having a job (hard labor[no prison jokes!]) I am getting about 500 words or more added to my novel I wrote it a while back but this is the rewrite partly from memory as right now the manuscript (and I do mean hand written manuscript) is in storage and I can't get to it.

I don't have a poem or any other interesting writing to add today and I want to get to some other things since I'm still using the computer at the public library as my main internet access point. Hopefully in a couple of months I will be able to get a used lap top so that I can surf at the local coffee shop...

but for now this is all for this week!

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