Saturday, May 13, 2006

Weekly column

Well once more it is a Saturday and I'm here writing on this column. So some might ask what has been happening in my life? I'm working now, hard labor but still work which is satisfying in itself... Beyond that I've been able to hold to my goal of at least a hundred words morning and evening on my novel in progress... I actually wrote the whole thing once before (all long hand on legal paper) but right now its in storage at someone else's house and I can't get to it so I'm working from memory to rewrite it. I knew that it would need to be rewritten at least once so this is not as much a disappointment as it might otherwise be...

Other discussions...

One of the areas of my life I've been discussing is the fact of my addiction and the way in which something as stupid or simple as the solitaire game on the computer can hold my attention for several hours which I could otherwise use productively. I know this is an issue of selfdisciplin but that as any addict will tell you is an area that they are weak in.

A short poem

Once upon a time,
People told Grimm stories,
At bed time,
To their children,
Today the news is so grim,
As to make the brothers Grimm,
Seem to be less than a fable,
And all together cozy.

In the news

In the news there is a hubbub over the alleged rape of a black stripper by white students at a school in North Carolina... I shan't mention the name but they are well known... What we don't here is that there has been a rape of a white girl by black students at another school. Nor do we recall with these young men the brew-haw-haw that ensued when a certain basket ball player was similarly accused by a woman of questionable integrity...


My opinion? We have taken the reality out of a great many words like rape by allowing them to become rubber band words used to describe anything up to sex the woman regrets the day after it happened...

Why not men? A man who said he regretted having sex would be laughed out of the court room. But everyone knows women never willingly have sex...


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