Saturday, August 14, 2010



The ink is black,

And the page is white,

Or so it was once upon a time,

At least for the most part,

After all,

Black is the easiest color of ink to make,

The page might be pale yellow,

For that is easier to obtain than true white,

But pale enough all along,

For a stark contrast,

And contrast is necessary,

In many things,

Lest we not be able to understand,

Or see what is there to see,

Or miss some grave danger,

Like a tiger hidden in the shadows,

So when someone says,

Be quiet,

Don't say that you see,

A contrast between people,

I say,

How can I not say what is obvious,

That some people lie more than others,

And some cheat,

All are prone to evil,

And all are capable of much good,

But we must always watch one another,

For among men, tigers are not the problem,

But men who prey on one another.

© 2010 Vic Jones

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