Sunday, August 08, 2010

Who is a Racist

A great many people, whenever they hear P. Obama criticized jump to the conclusion that the criticism is based on the fact that he is black. I had great hopes for the man before I learned that he went to the church pastored by J. Wright. That was enough for me to realize that he would be a black racist. I must say that I dislike people who tattoo themselves with swastikas; I think we ought to hang them from the nearest lamp post. And the same goes with anyone who tattoos a black panther or ace of spades on himself. That means they have engaged in dangerous group think. And if they went so far as to tattoo themselves there is little chance that they will look up and see anyone who does not look the same as them as human.
I happen to have a review of Saul Alynsky’s book and find it telling that he dedicated it to Satan. Now you can say what you want about P. Obama but in his books he says that Saul Alynsky is one of the people he admires most. With those facts in mind I also point out that a real leader (which I am not) doesn’t mention himself in every line he speaks.

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