Saturday, March 19, 2011



What shall I say?

What shall I do?

What I’ve done in the past cannot be changed,

Am I brave enough to change the future?

To make the choice,

To pay the price,

To do the work,

To change myself,

And thus the world,

I know if I don’t,

The world will not change,

Because I’m the only one I can move,

To make any change,

Oh I tremble at the cost,

Howl at the pain,

Rattle the chains with which I so gladly bound myself,

Yet what is my other choice?

More pain for others?

Blaming them, not my actions for the messes that I make?

No longer will I do such.

No each day I choose to endure,

Because otherwise I’d be a coward,

And cowardice is not a legacy I’ll leave to anyone.

© 2011 Vic Jones

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