Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012 Writing Challenge

Well for 2011 I missed my goal of posting at least one item per week here. Part of the reason for that is that for most of the year I was still posting at Author Nation with the hope that that site would help build this site as it was a social networking site as well as a writer’s forum of sorts.

I’m now fairly certain that Author Nation is defunct so that should provide me with a greater incentive to post here more frequently. There has been one other thing that has held me up as well. That is the fact that The Hard Knocks School of Life is proving harder to do than I thought it would be. Not to write the items, as I have some 600 of them, but rather to expand upon them. This is due to the fact that a great many of the pieces of The Hard Knocks School of life are only a few words long. And while I feel that a lot of them are perfectly fine at that length I’ve felt that posting a 5 or 10 word bit once a week was a bit on the weak side when it came to writing.

© 2012 Vic Jones


Lorelei said...

Hey, Vic, I'm sure you won't regret having given up on Author Nation. Although, I must admit, that was where I found--or rather, my publisher--found me. But also I just didn't have time to post in so many places as I had been.

Good luck in 2012!

The Wordwright said...

Thanks Lorelei, I'm sure that working here and at Triond will help me. I'd be published today outside of blogging except I'm broke...

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