Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stop SOPA and PIPA

As a creator of intellectual property theft and piracy does concern me; but as a creator of sometimes controversial content these bills frighten me to death. I’m often amazed at the clueless person in the media who decries the exercise of power by the government when men like Nixon (very NAZIesque in my opinion) Reagan, G H W Bush, and Bush the younger; yet they celebrate the increase of government power and interference in our lives by men like L B Johnson, J E Carter III, W J Clinton and their latest hero du jour Barak Hussein Obama. Government power is a corrupting influence no matter which party or person is wielding it! I refuse to believe that the choice we as humans have is between Stalin and Hitler; there must be an alternative to the bad ideas that both of these men put forth.
SOPA or PIPA is a bad idea, just as The Patriot Act was a bad idea. Bad ideas know no party affiliation. They can (and are) put forward by businesses (which despite the media [which is a BIG business] bias toward Obama's weilding of power) or government functionaries. It does not matter where (or what side of the political aisle) a bad idea comes from; all men who wish to be free resist such ideas.

Here is an article that says more and better than I could on this subject: I suggest strongly that you read this article and consider the implications of this bad bill.

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