Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I am wondering if I have enough readers here to ask that I get comments before adding advertisements to my blog ?

I don't wish to annoy anyone but it would be nice if this could begin to stream some Income my way...

Jesus is so good to me,
That is plain for me to see,
I tell you this,
Because I'd like you to come to know Him too.

There have been times when I felt so alone when I walked through a time of trial. Yet on the other side I could see that He had helped me through and given me grace to live though at times I have dispaired some what like Job...

A Valentine Poem...

I want you to know,
That I love you so,
When you're with me,
I am so verry happy,
Please tell me true,
Is it the same for you?
To be apart is to feel blue,
So please tell me you'll stay,
And be with me forever.

I know, I know it needs work and I don't have anyone like that in my life right now but I know the feeling and how it hurts to be apart from those I love.

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