Thursday, April 20, 2006


I recently had the opportunity to read The World is Flat, which is a book that I believe that everyone should take time to read. I certainly can identify with the frustration of seeing the net and understanding that I am on a playing field where I am unable to access the tools or implement my ideas.... How much more aggravating it must be if one has been told that he is superior because he is a member of a certain group!

Change in one's life is achieved by consistent concerted action that does not mean the sort of frenzied activity that some people(like my self) engage in when they confront the need to effect change in their lives.
No the effort one makes when they truly change their life has to be directed according to a plan (unless one is faced by an emergency...).
I expect that this blog will settle down to a weekly column of disjointed thoughts until I have a bit more time to dedicate to it.
I dont know why but every time I try to post this as a draft some of the blank spaces get pulled out. The same I might add has happened in some of the poems Ive put here....
Well no matter what happens I guess I will go to press as it were just because I have at least this soapbox.

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