Saturday, April 01, 2006

Today I am just going to make a few comments on some of the books I’ve been reading. The first book I will talk about is The Business of writing by Stephen Goldin and Kathleen Sky (I could be wrong on the spelling of the second name as I don’t have the book in my hands at this time… For a book that is over twenty years out of date this book still holds a lot of very good information and good advice never gets out of date. Writers who are serious about earning money from their craft could do worse than including this book in their to read this year.

I have read part of e-business or out of business but as it does not apply directly to writing I have put it aside for the moment as I need more practical info on how to set up a web based store. Also is the regrettable fact that I really am not ready to start in to doing what I’d love to do. A lack of tools and organization is plaguing me. Who do I need to get to know to get in to the business of writing and editing? A local writers group I can tell…. So that is what I am working on finding.

I may put some more poetry on this page and I may not… I have many things to consider including how to promote my work... most definitely a challenge that I have to face and overcome. then I've said that before here and I'm certain that if I have any readers they are tired of reading my angst about promoting my work.

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