Sunday, January 10, 2010


What caused me to abandon this blog?

Several things, at the time I started it I was as close as I ever want to be to living on the street. During that period of time I was forced to make some choices, I made them and changed my life.

So now I’m back on the web (actually I never left entirely but was forced to choose carefully where I spent my effort) and want to revive this blog.

I’m thinking about what I want to put here; some of my poetry I’m sure and some of my commentary on life. But for the most part now I blog here, with that said you who come here may ask why another blog?

Several reasons, I am nearly ready to start the edit of a novel, and I would like a place beyond AN to showcase it. Also AN has been experiencing technical difficulties and I would like a stable platform from which to write to the world.

Therefore the question becomes here as anywhere else, how do I bring readers to my work?

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