Sunday, January 17, 2010


I’m trying to decide what to focus this blog on… Local hot spots? Redding is a fairly small city and so there really aren’t very many wifi hotspots available… still there is the library (which I used for more than a year…) the connection at the library is clear and fast, there are plenty of plug ins so you aren’t limited to the life of your battery… there are comfortable chairs and lots of tables so most of the time you can choose where to sit and of course there are books! I being a bibliophile like the idea that I can go and sit among books that I can take home if only for a while…

The one thing I had hoped was to find a local critique group to help me develop my writing and while I enjoy the meetings of The Writer’s Forum at the library I found them to be less than helpful in some ways.

I do not think that I will focus on wifi hotspots but from time to time I may report on one that I have visited. Nor will I focus on writing or what I’m reading or politics… I may just continue my rambles here…

Current events cause me to recommend a donation to in order to help the people of Haiti. If you have an organization that you prefer give (though I recommend against any government agency) as generously as you are able.

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