Friday, January 22, 2010

Writing is a Serious Business

Writing is a Serious Business
One of the issues of writing well is being able to communicate; after all that is what writing was invented to achieve. Therefore it behooves anyone who intends to communicate his ideas to observe most, if not all of the current conventions of writing for his language.

But that is silly I want to be original… I’ve heard some people say. Excuse me but are you sure you don’t intend to lie? Because if you use words but mean the opposite that is what you are doing. And if you refuse to use punctuation as required well that can change the meaning of what you write as well.

Sure I know that conventions change but imagine that you are trying to write to people of every level of ability. From the newest reader who has barely begun to decode written language to the dyslectic who struggles every day to keep straight the things which he reads.

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