Sunday, March 28, 2010


So I went and did it… What you may ask have I done?

I decided that I would see if google ads could generate any income for me. I will continue to work to make my content interesting of course and do hope that if you see something you like that you will recommend my blog to your friends.

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Anonymous said...

Don’t know how you’ll fare with your income Mister Wordwright, but you generated me. I got to admit I didn’t know who Vic Jones was, but I do now, and I’ll call you Vic, if it’s your preference. Thanks for the message you left after my recent visit to AN. It’s appreciated. Thanks for calling by at the porch, too. You’ll be welcome anytime. I saw your post on AN but I didn’t want to sign in again after I’d been back one more time to help somebody out. It was my intent to thank you through Miss Dev but (I’ll say this nice and loud for the benefit of a certain person stretching their neck to read over my shoulder) I ain’t heard from that no-good, meddlesome, half-baked troublemaker for some time. (There, that’ll teach her to eavesdrop!)

A nod to you too, Calliope. I still remember the charm in that poem of yours about walking the dog. And I don’t even like poems.

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