Saturday, March 27, 2010

The End of The World

The End of The World

Some of the radio hosts I listen to are recommending that you buy gold as a hedge against inflation. For them I have a year in history 1933; I don’t recall the exact date but at that time the sitting president of the USA declared it illegal to own gold!

If you think the world is going to end your best bet for survival is to prepare to survive. Stock pile food but expect to have anti-hoarding laws be enacted. Therefore you should grow a garden and get to some place where you can keep a dozen chickens and a rooster. Do your best to live near water that you can drink and in general go back to the basics. Think about self defense and about how to convince your neighbors that you are generous to them. Because your community is always the people who you share with… to be honest you can’t very well share with the rest of the world just those who are nearest to you.

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Lorelei said...

OMG! are we back to that again? Let's see, in my lifetime I recall the Jehovah Withesses telling me that the world was going to end with the commet--I don't recall the name, something like Kohotec, or something, when it came so close to the earth we could see it with the naked eye. JW's--the ones who were big believers in this "sign of the end" were sitting it out on their roof tops.
How do I know this? I had joined them in 1972-73.(and got the hell out of their brain-washing tactics) They talked about it, and the "elders" didn't exactly condone it, but they didn't poo-poo it either.

And as far as owning gold if the world ends? Are you f-ing kidding me? The world "ends" it ends. That's that.
I'm a pagan. I do believe in the hear-after, and know that I have been returned a few times as well.

The myths and posed ideologies of some of these people never fails to surprise me.

Live life to the fullest, try and enjoy it, make friends where you can, and keep your eye on your enemies--because they'll try and pull a fast one on you if you don't.

Have a wonderful eon. (:

The Wordwright said...

Lorelei, I don't care who says the world is ending! I was mocking it in a way! I do think though that most of them are snake oil salesmen! And on that unhappy note I'll leave you to plant a garden cause youlike to dig in the dirt!

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