Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cry freedom

I am strongly against totalitarians no matter what they call themselves. We hear P. Obama say that he is not a socialist. Fine sir, if you are not a socialist what are you? A communist? I refuse to accept the false dichotomy that only another totalitarian can oppose a particular brand of totalitarianism. Thus to oppose a Marxist or communist does not automatically make one a NAZI. Indeed all people who are and wish to remain free oppose NAZI’s, communists and all other totalitarians no matter what brand they wear. Even if it is the oh so good sounding brands of liberal or progressive that are being presented here in the USA. It is unfortunate that a good deal of those who oppose P. Obama would only institute their own vision of a totalitarian regime. This is one reason I say vote out the Republicans as well as the Democrats this year. And in 2012 until we get some people with the spine to say that the American people deserve to be free, and freedom carries only one guarantee: that is that you will have to take a risk to secure your future because no one else will.

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