Saturday, April 24, 2010

About the Future

One if the huge concerns I have had since the advent of the current war with Islam is that we will take our focus off from building a better future that includes a colonization of space. Consider the following scenario: Suppose that we were told tomorrow that the earth would be struck by an asteroid just ¼ mile in diameter. Would the governments (especially the ones that are the most paranoid) put aside their suspicions of one another long enough to do something constructive like make sure that the asteroid swung into orbit around the earth?

Consider the wealth that such an object would have V=4/3πr^3 which translates to 220 yards cubed times pi times 4/3 or more iron than the whole world uses in several decades if the asteroid were (as most of them are) mostly iron. And that doesn’t get into the possibility of rare earths like gold and platinum or that the whole thing could be hollowed out and reinforced to be used to transport a large quantity of supplies for a mission to Mars.

To be honest the continued fight over this ball of mud is frightening to the max and I sometimes want to simply crawl back in a cave and say please leave me alone. But I cannot and neither should you. If you value your children’s future then somehow we must win this war by making Islam come into the century where they can no longer be a closed and xenophobic society. They too must see that fighting over Israel is counterproductive to their children’s future.

Because the longer we fight over the earth or any part thereof, the longer it takes us to reach space where there is room enough for everyone to live the way they want to live…

© 2010 Vic Jones


Anonymous said...

It's a hell of a mess, Mister Wordwright, a hell of a mess.

The Wordwright said...

yeah it is and I see I left part of a formula out... OOOPS

Anonymous said...

I meant the state of the world, of course. Not your writing.

The Wordwright said...

Yes indeed the world is a mess... I suppose that is because we have chased down almost all of the dangerous critters except those that look like us...:X

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