Friday, April 16, 2010

Is Democracy a bad idea?

Those who tout the idea that democracy is desirable or leads to desirable results seem to like to sweep under the rug the fact that Hitler was elected by the democratic process. Therefore if democracy can result in evil men reaching the pinnacle of power in their nation what shall we say? That democracy is undesirable? Actually we can. The Greeks who were the first westerners to study such things as governments (so far as I know) considered democracy to be a degenerate form of government at best. They much preferred the idea of the republic though that has been corrupted a great many times to by not limiting the power of the government.

The founding fathers of the USA believed that any government was at best a necessary evil to be kept as small and as weak as possible and still maintain a relatively consistent society. The absence of government leads to chaos and the usual end of chaos is tyranny. The ever expanding and overreaching government today has but one end as well: Tyranny!

Indeed it is possible if one looks with an honest eye over the history of the human race to see that liberty and freedom is the anomaly not slavery and tyranny.

© 2010 Vic Jones

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