Saturday, April 03, 2010

Random thoughts

Every organization needs overseers to make sure that it doesn’t become corrupt. The moment any organization (this includes government) refuses to allow someone or anyone to see what it is doing it is on the way to becoming a corrupt organization. What is worse is that the more power an organization has (think government) the more opportunity exists for its members to be corrupt.

One thing that has worried me of late is the fact that the current administration of the United States of America has refused to let any light shine in on what it is actually doing. We can however see the results of their actions. And they tend to lead a person to believe that the current administration believes Marx’ theory of revolution for the sake of revolution. One thing that is certain is this, most people will demand an end to the chaos and the usual end of this sort of chaos it the rise of a tyrant.

Therefore it is worth asking: Who will emerge on top if we do not weather the chaos and refuse to be intimidated by the noisy and violent people who support the change that the current administration wants.

© 2010 Vic Jones

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