Friday, July 16, 2010

What happened to me

Author nation a site run by infinity (a vanity press) the website where I have blogged the longest and most consistently for most of the last three years is back up and running. I am not going to post as often here as I did while they were down even though this site has the potential to make me money even if I never finish the proverbial novel that like all fictioneers I am writing. Still I have a limited amount of time and chose for reasons that I can’t define to stick with Author nation. Perhaps the best reason I can give is that it is a social networking site and while I think it is possible to do social networking through a blog I believe that my social networking has actually driven traffic here.

Therefore it behooves me to expend some effort there every day and attempt to get something more substantial up here on a weekly basis. I can I think though see a time when this blog will be the place where I spend my greatest effort.

© 2010 Vic Jones


Anonymous said...

I reckon I get the gist of what you're saying Mr Wordwright, though I feel behooven to consult a dictionary.

The Wordwright said...

I never said that my writing was easy to read! I know I should use less archaic words... and more commonly used ones!

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