Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I know that the poetry I’ve been writing doesn’t have the best of meter nor does it always scan well… I am however not trying to be obscure…

Simply put it has been some time since I tried to write a poem that was anything except my dashed off thoughts.

I don’t think that I really would want to write for greeting cards but at this point anything that paid would be welcome.

I have been wanting to do some articles on the Ten Commandments but before I do I’d like to look again at Dr. Thomas Sowell’s book A conflict of vision. (I think that is the title.)

If I can find a place and time to write those articles then I may also post them at

Just now though I think I shall concentrate on getting started at the business of proof reading and editing. That would certainly be the work of my passion both in the doing of it (that is reading new books) and in the mechanics of helping to make the books I love to read better.

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