Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Stop focusing on the impossible…

What is possible?

I don’t know!

What can I do?

Read/proof read, fact check, researcher, edit, ghost write, writing coach, give presentations, and write fiction.
I’ve done all of these and enjoyed them, so how can I move from these being a time wasting hobby to something that provides me my daily bread (not to mention a roof!). This is the question I constantly ask my self. And it is the question I seem to constantly fail to answer.

One certainty that I know is that these can’t be done from the place that I currently occupy. Therefore I need to acquire the means to be elsewhere. That is to have a different place to live. To do that I will have to apply for any job that I can do not just jobs I’d like to do because creating an income is more important at this point than to have the perfect job.

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