Saturday, February 25, 2006

Random thoughts

Some more random thoughts

Spring rain is falling,
Green grass growing leaves popping,
New life appearing…

I really didn’t intend that this blog be an advertisement for my ability to write or edit but as I think about it I can see that it will be exactly that and so I must in the future be very wary about the quality of the writing I post here.

I hope that I soon get to work on adding art to my site; if nothing else I’d like to add a portrait. That thought I would say is repetitive… well I don’t have the most consistent access to a computer therefore I don’t get to do some of the things I’d like to do. I want to write some articles on the Proverbs of Solomon; I have been looking over his contrast of wisdom with the evil woman or seductress. Then too there is the idea of the lazy man and the lion in the street… In that case this blog is a way in which I am personally facing lions; I am always afraid that the work I do is unworthy of notice and as a result over the past twenty or so years have let a large number of poems and other written work that I have done simply be lost.

Thus this serves as a place to keep some of the work that I am currently doing and to place it before an audience even if that audience is infitisimally small. So I know I have to think of ways to get my work before the eyes of potential buyers.

Thoughts on my qualifications to edit books...

Over the past 25 years I have read at least 100 novels per year. For the past 5 years I read at least 300 novels per year, doing this has given me a picture of the quality of the writers and their editors or dedicated readers. To put it mildly I find myself embarrassed for the author who has spent a year or more of his life and has published a book that has spell check errors (that is a correctly spelled but incorrectly used word) or other flaws in the work he put before the public. In my capacity as an author which is what this blog showcases I know that I need at minimum a proof reader to catch such errors where I have not said what I intended to say.

Other qualifications?

At various times I have worked in a quality control capacity in food preparation and manufacturing. But mostly I am interested in the art of written communication and how I can possibly help improve the quality of the novels I love to read.

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