Saturday, February 18, 2006

Well 'tis a Saturday morning and I'm at work at writing here.

While I am interested in the political process of the nation I have become very disenchanted with the way both parties accuse their opponent of being evil while busily working to keep their hold on power. The truth seems to me to be that they both worry more about their power base than what is good for America. Therefore we the people are left to look on while both sides of the power strugle sell us as slaves to the highest (or worse yet lowest) bidder.

what can we do about this aweful abuse?

Truely I don't know. But one thing I am certain of; we must stop thinking on party lines and begin to work on the idea that we are all American people and that if we don't wish to become slaves we must see our selves as one people with a common culture at least. Certainly you can keep your traditions if you came here from somewhere else as long as you don't feel that that means that you have to tear down the culture here.

I shall call this enough of a post for today... Please remember that we should all live in peace but living in peace does not require that we ignore evil when we see it.

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